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Journal Swap for Peace

The Journal Swap for Peace is a project designed to create cultural awareness, empathy among peers and to promote communication and literacy.  This project emphasizes self-awareness and organizational writing skills through journaling about daily life. Through the exploration and documentation of our individual occurrences and then the sharing/swapping of these journals, students understand ways in which their lives compare and contrast to peers in other countries.

Participants in the Journal Swap for Peace project journal for 7 days.  This process can include a variety of daily experiences, thoughts, ideas and/or commentary on a typical day.  Various methods of journaling can be used including, but not limited to; blogging, PowerPoint, and scanned diary pages. When the participants complete the 7 days, they are paired with another participant in the world to share their journals with each other. Participants are able to correspond through email or in real time to discuss each others experiences.