Blue Planet Writers' Room

Humans have always created stories to try and make sense of the world. At Blue Planet, our American students join with students from other countries to create and share their own stories in a virtual Writers’ Room that we construct in cyberspace.

Over the course of a semester-long project, students connect with their new international friends through video conferencing, internet file sharing, email, and regular post. They engage in parallel activities that culminate in a final presentation for parents, friends, and each other via video conference. Their original work is published online, in a digital book, a website, a blog, or another format that allows the whole world to access their creativity.

Our Writers’ Room is a vibrant, safe, creative space that exists between cultures. Within it, our students use writing and the arts to learn about each other and teach about themselves.

Our students get to accomplish things together that cannot be done in real time or real space, because of distance, geography, and time zones. In our Writers’ Room, they get to do extraordinary things in extraordinary partnerships.

Check out our Project Showcase to see some of our great work.

Learn more about how to bring Blue Planet Writers’ Room to your location by clicking here.