Global Nomads

Virtual Reality Toolkit and Library Virtual…

Virtual Reality Toolkit and Library Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that allows one to interact with immersive alternate realities. It can transport you to the beaches in the Maldives, on a science expedition in the Arctic, or into the middle of a refugee camp. Through using a VR headset, like a Google Cardboard or Oculus, the viewer can place participants inside of a three-dimensional virtual environment, giving the illusion of presence. 

We are harnessing the power of the technology to spark curiosity and cultivate empathy in our classrooms. GNG’s VR programs will be accompanied by curriculum and will span across a variety of themes and topics that support global citizenship education. Whether your classroom is 1:1 tablets or fully equipped with VR headsets, we have designed lesson  plans to support learning with the technology.  

New to VR? We’ve designed this toolkit to help walk your classroom through different VR experiences. 

Global Nomads

Curricula and Webcast Series

Leverage our GNG educational resources to promote empathy, awareness, and action in your classroom today.

Webcast Series

Our webcasts are designed for classrooms and individuals to join conversations on some of today's most pressing issues with a global perspective. The best part is that we are able to record these conversations which allows you to take advantage of these incredible opportunities. Whether you are building off already existing lesson plans, creating a new unit, or ready to learn something new our webcasts are a great place to start! 


In each curriculum you will notice our Learn, Act, Reflect structure, designed to help your students work through activities and complete their Global Citizenship Projects. All of GNG's curricula promote 21st century skills and  are aligned to Common Core Standards.