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Simulations for Education: The ICONS Project

Simulations for Education: The ICONS Project advances learning by designing and delivering dynamic role-play simulations for students and educators worldwide.  

Our Instructor Tools include: 

Faculty Area: A place for you to access facilitator guides, instructional resources, and roster management tools for your simulation (password required). 

Simulation Stories: Read interviews and stories from instructors describing their experiences using specific ICONS simulations. A great way to pick up new teaching ideas! 

Simulation Research: Browse articles and academic papers to learn more about research on simulations, collaborative learning, and experiential education. 

Students: Explore our Research Library for relevant resources, statistics, and country-specific information as you prepare for one of ICONS' internationally-focused simulations.  

Professional Training and Simulations: High quality, affordable leadership training that uses multi-player real-time simulation exercises as a springboard for professionals and civil society leaders to practice and apply crucial skills needed to generate real results. Results are unscripted and outcomes are determined by participants' efforts and decisions.  

Policy and Research Programs: The ICONS Project provides pioneering simulation approaches to support policy planning and advance research in the social and cognitive sciences.